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IUFoST World Congress
13th World Congress of Food Science & Technology
iufost (2006)
DOI: 10.1051/IUFoST:20060901

Modelling convective and microwave drying of potatoes slices

M. Di Matteo1, D. Albanese1, L. Cinquanta2, L. Russo1, S. Crescitelli3, M. Farina1, and A. Brasiello1

1 Department of Chemical Food Engineering, Univ. of Salerno, Via Ponte Don Melillo, 84084 Salerno, Italy
2 Dep. Agric., Food, Envir. and Microb.Sc. and Tech. Univ. Molise, Via F. De Santis, 86100 Campobasso, Italy
3 Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Naples, P.zza V. Tecchio, 80126 Napoli, Italy
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